Ecoprisma is a provider of analysis and consulting services on ECOTOXICOLOGICAL safety, FOOD QUALITY and RISK ASSESMENT.

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We provide a personalized service for each client and each project. We know that timely delivery, excellent quality, and partnering with a supplier who understands your needs are key to a long-standing partnership, which is why 90% of our sales orders come from repeat customers.


We understand your business and the challenges you face. Our expert consultants can guide you through the product development lifecycle to ensure the safety of your product.

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If your products are innovative and of great quality, our tests help make it possible. Our experience and our reputation for quality and reliability set us apart.


Una garanzia che dà fiducia

L'Ente Italiano di Accreditamento

L’accreditamento assicura che gli organismi di certificazione, ispezione e verifica, e i laboratori di prova e taratura, abbiano tutti i requisiti richiesti dalle norme per svolgere attività di valutazione della conformità.

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