Anything not mentioned in the offer description and related technical detail


By agreement with Ecoprisma it is possible to request:- sampling, assistance, courses or consultations within 24 hours and on holidays or company closure: + 50% compared to the standard price.- delivery of the Test Report / Technical Report in non-standard times: + 50% compared to the price of the tests.- issue of Supplement / hard copy / reprint of the Test Report with changes requested by the customer: € 19.00. Ecoprisma reserves the right to evaluate the feasibility of such requests.

 – Price for any extra working hours Contract € 50 / hour or part of an hour.


Payments cannot be suspended for any reason: any non-fulfillment involves the immediate suspension of all supplies and the debit of interest at the rate provided for commercial transactions pursuant to Legislative Decree 192/2012, as well as billing and collection costs and major damages.


At the end of the detailed work in this offer.


The signing of this document implies adherence to the general conditions of supply of the service.

By signing this form, the customer remains committed while

It is our right to vary the estimated delivery terms, for reasons of force majeure and / or justified reason, without giving the customer the right to cancel the order; Pursuant to art. 1462 Italian c.c. the buyer will not be able to oppose exceptions or disputes regarding the supply of Ecoprisma, in order to delay or avoid payments, unless after having paid the entire agreed amount; The parties also conventionally agree that the refusal by the client to receive the supply of the Ecoprisma is considered as a serious breach.

Ecoprisma will provide the service described in this letter, only following the payment of any expired invoices.

-Customer default and termination of the contract of this contract: In this case the client must pay Ecoprisma srl ​​as a penalty pursuant to art. 1382 Italian c.c. an amount equal to 50% of the amount of the supply of the service, in addition to the reimbursement of the expenses incurred and without prejudice, in any case, to the greatest damages. Ecoprisma is not responsible to the customer for any administrative and / or criminal sanctions imposed by the bodies responsible for checking in the event of deficiencies and / or non-compliances found. For any dispute, the client accepts the jurisdiction of the Prato court. Acceptance of the offer is subject to acceptance by the writer and is signed by the legal representative of the “Customer”. Acceptance of the offer within the indicated validity times binds Ecoprisma srl ​​and the customer to the signed terms. Any complaints must be sent within 15 days from the issuance of the certificate by registered letter with return receipt. It is possible to request the complaint handling procedure by contacting the laboratory at


The customer agrees that in the event that the Ecoprisma laboratory must issue a declaration of conformity, against a mandatory or voluntary regulatory limit, use the following criterion:

In the event that the parameter value is within the acceptability range, the laboratory will issue an opinion of compliance with the limit or range, without adding (or subtracting) the measurement uncertainty to the value found. In the event that the value is outside the acceptable range, the laboratory will issue an opinion of non-compliance with the limit or range, without using the measurement uncertainty as the tolerance value. The customer accepts that the uncertainty of measurement of microbiological tests of food is calculated with the UNI EN ISO 19036: 2020 § 8.1.3 standard. with the standard deviation of intra-laboratory reproducibility.


Based on laboratory needs, some tests, in addition to those already indicated in the offer, could be carried out in subcontracting without affecting the quality of the tests carried out. The laboratory is responsible to the customer for the subcontracted work, except in the case in which the client or the authority in the legislative field specifies which subcontracted entity should be employed.


For their mutual benefit, Ecoprisma and the client (who may be individually called parties) intend to engage in, or continue to engage in discussions to establish or maintain an employment relationship in which Ecoprisma can provide general expertise in the field of microbiological testing services. and analytical or other activities. During these discussions, each party may deem it necessary or desirable to disclose, or may already be disclosed, certain information confidential by Ecoprisma to the customer and vice versa. The Parties acknowledge and agree that Confidential Information relating to the Purpose disclosed before, on or after the Effective Date must be governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement Indicates and includes proprietary and tangible information on techniques, formulas, processing, costs, projects , business and product plans and strategies, products, customer information, concepts, processes, designs, market information, specifications, know-how, financial and marketing data, technical data, procedures, trade secrets, models, prototypes, samples and all related and related information, including oral information and information available through visits to customer or Ecoprisma facilities. Confidential information may be communicated orally, visually, and in writing (including but not limited to electronic or other means), even unmarked or designated as “confidential.” Confidential information may also be disclosed by third parties. Ecoprisma signs the confidentiality agreement with the company, therefore Ecoprisma srl ​​will process data, documents and information provided by the “Customer” in full compliance with the confidentiality bond and will not use them other than that strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the assignment. The Customer will exercise the same degree of care and protection towards Ecoprisma’s Confidential Information. Consequently, the customer must keep Ecoprisma’s Confidential Information in absolute confidentiality and: (a) must not use, copy, disclose, disclose or otherwise make Ecoprisma’s Confidential Information available to any other person or entity, without prior written consent of Ecoprisma.


ACCREDIA accreditation certifies that the laboratory operates in compliance with UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”, for tests subject to accreditation. Accreditation is a third-party attestation relating to the test laboratory which involves the formal demonstration of its competence to perform specific tests, defined in an accredited test list; accreditation does not mean that ACCREDIA accepts responsibility for the test result or for any opinion or interpretation that may derive from it or that ACCREDIA approves a test sample or product.

On the website it is possible to view the list of accredited tests of the Ecoprisma srl laboratory where it is identified as an accredited laboratory with accreditation number 1621. Between ACCREDIA and the Ecoprisma srl laboratory there is a contract called “convention” stipulated between the laboratory and ACCREDIA regulating relations between the parties. The contents of this agreement can be viewed at the laboratory or on the ACCREDIA website The trademark or the reference to accreditation must not be used by customers of the accredited Laboratories, nor can they be used in the documentation relating to a product or be reported on a product. A copy of the test report is allowed


The Company undertakes to make available to Ecoprisma the contact persons of the various company areas necessary for the performance of the service.


In the event of differences between the Italian and English translation of this document and related documents, the Italian translation is the reference.